Solutions / Instrumentation

GKM offers geotechnical instrumentation products manufactured by GEOKON, the leader in this field. Vibrating wire sensors are recognized for their long-term stability. With its experience and innovative approach, GEOKON has developed a line of sensors second to none, which includes extensometers, piezometers, pressure, displacement and stress sensors, strain gauges, charge cells, inclinometers and data collection devices.

To complete its offerings, GKM has a range of products provided by leading manufacturers, such as:

Full range of GEOKON vibrating wire sensors for geotechnical and structural instrumentation

OPSENS fiber optic sensors for dynamic structural monitoring

TRIMBLE/CANSEL robotic total station and geodesic equipment to precisely measure movement and positioning for projects

INSTANTEL seismographs to measure vibrations during construction and dynamiting operations

SYSCOM accelerometers and seismic recorders for safety applications relating to dams, nuclear power plants, works of art and buildings

MEASURAND addressable in-place inclinometer

MDT mining extensometers

GEONOR laboratory and in-situ testing equipment

IPI/QSP borehole inflatable packers for permeability testing, hydrofracturing and cementing

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